On Humility and Learning

One of the great opportunities that working with The Measure of Everyday Life provides is the chance to regularly spend time listening and learning. Contemporary life for many of us in the United States is imbalanced such that we have more ways than ever before to broadcast our thoughts and ideas and yet seemingly have only infrequent invitation to sit down and carefully listen (especially to other people with whom you are not already directly working or collaborating). This opportunity to listen, to be corrected, to further (or even tear down and rebuild) understanding is present every time we invite someone into the WNCU studio but my own ability to embrace that opportunity varies as a function of my busy schedule and daily fluctuations. Two recent episodes reflect instances in which such listening allowed conversations to unfold in different directions than we initially anticipated in planning the show in question. You might enjoy listening to the archived episodes, linked below, as well, as Kimberly Seals Allers puts breastfeeding into the context of a distinct, and at times heartbreaking, American history and as Edward Hess forecasts a future full of challenges for job seekers.




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