Five Years of Social Science Stories

January 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the debut of The Measure of Everyday Life. Getting the show on air in the first place was no small feat and keeping it there weekly as a service to our listeners has reflected often heroic effort that happened quietly and without fanfare. As a public radio station without enormous coffers, WNCU has weathered all sorts of challenges, from a flood in the studio to logistical challenges in getting guests interviewed to hardware issues at the most inopportune moments. Through all of that, we have managed to regularly sit down with smart and compelling people to put a spotlight on the important work they do to help explain and improve the human condition. We are exceptionally grateful for that opportunity. It has been an honor.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, WNCU’s Markeith Gentry put together a video. We are delighted to have the chance to say thank you to everyone who has helped support our efforts.

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