Gratitude for Connections

As we close another calendar year and a holiday season arrives in the U.S., we are grateful for the connections we share with our listeners. This time of year offers opportunities to look back and look ahead, and also to reflect on the connections between people in various communities that could be strengthened or built.

Peace and Plenty painting [Image: Peace and Plenty by G. Inness, 1865. Public domain image courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

In that spirit, here are some of our recent episodes that have explored themes of self-care, respect for others, happiness, or building connections between people:

As some people prepare to travel to visit family and friends, share these links with people you know who might be searching for new podcasts to engage on the road or in the air, or just tell people to search for “The Measure of Everyday Life” wherever they download audio.

Thank you for listening, and may your 2020 bring new opportunities to support people in your life.

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