On Music, Education, and Society

The public radio station that produces our show, WNCU, has long stood as a platform for the arts. If you walk into the WNCU studio, you’ll find the signatures of many famous musicians and artists. From that vantage point, it might seem surprising that our program, a program that explores how research can improve the human condition, would have a home at WNCU and yet we’ve enjoyed a wonderfully harmonious relationship together. Not only does the spirit of structured improvisation flow through many of our episodes but we’ve also come to realize how much of what musicians express reflects their humanity and the social concerns that social scientists also investigate.

On a recent episode, however, WNCU’s musical focus and our show found a perfect intersection as we talked with university professors Brennetta Simpson of North Carolina Central University and Victor Haskins of the College of William & Mary and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts about the importance and future of music education. You download it here: http://measureradio.libsyn.com/on-teaching-music.

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