Soledad O’Brien on TMEL

We recently had the chance to talk with award-winning reporter, anchor, documentary maker, and CEO Soledad O’Brien about social movements and the role of journalists for an upcoming episode of the show. She also offered a few words of support. Listen here:

On the origin and sharing of ideas: a three-part series

The Measure of Everyday Life team recently partnered with SwitchPoint to interview speakers from all over the world about how they generate, develop, and present ideas. We are airing a three-part series based on the interviews this month. You can find the first installment here: Parts two and three are here: and Plus, we have an exciting array of episodes lined up for…

SwitchPoint 2017: A Haven for Social Good

A reflection on global health conference SwitchPoint 2017 by correspondents Nupoor Kulkarni and McCall Wells   Innovation, progress, ideation—buzzwords that start to lose their meaning the more you hear them. In an era of apps, tweets, LinkedIn networking connections, and various other unique technological innovations, the goal of tech is to cross boundaries, and more than providing a service, to…

Making surveys more usable

The world of survey research has changed a lot in 100 years. On an upcoming episode of WNCU’s The Measure of Everyday Life, experts Jennifer Romano-Bergstrom of Instagram and Emily Geisen of RTI International will discuss their new book, Usability Testing for Survey Research, which offers a path forward for ensuring the usability of new survey techniques. Stay tuned for details!

Community Power

Correspondent Marina Poole reflects on our most recent episode, “Building Resilience,” and a potential upside to natural disaster. Climate change has become a hot issue for city planners around the world, as cities and communities increasingly face extreme weather events, such as the increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes. Typically, when we discuss boosting resilience to climate change, we hear…

Putting the Shoes On

Correspondent McCall Wells reflects on “Aging and Future Long-Term Care” episode and childhood memories with her dad to explore Americans’ capacity for empathy in the face of national strife. If it doesn’t affect you, is it a problem? Don’t worry, this isn’t a riddle that’ll leave you wondering whether or not the tree made a sound in your absence. Rather, my…

Fact and Fiction in Science Stories

By Marina Poole A first-person account of correspondent Marina Poole’s reaction to one of The Measure of Everyday Life radio show’s newest episodes, “Uncertainty in Science and Society.” When it comes to understanding science, it can be really important to get the details straight. But sometimes, for some people, trying to understand all those challenging facts can become, well, pretty…

Recap of session with Dr. Sarah Gaither

By Nupoor Kulkarni

A first-person account of The Measure of Everyday Life radio show’s live episode preview at the Duke Coffeehouse from correspondent, Nupoor Kulkarni.


McCall Wells, Dr. Brian Southwell and Dr. Sarah Gaither

Tucked away inside the unassuming entrance of the Duke Coffeehouse, the experience within is anything but. With its vibrant artwork practically coming to life off of the cement walls, on a warm February night, the Coffeehouse provides an engaging space for self-reflection and compelling conversation. The show’s mission – to make social science relevant in daily life – becomes clear in the dimly lit room as host Brian Southwell settles into conversation with Duke University’s Dr. Sarah Gaither.

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Live at Duke, Feb 23 at 8pm


Date: February 23, 2017,

Time: 8 to 10pm (doors open at 7:30pm)

Place: Duke Coffeehouse [map] (Parking is free in front of the Coffeehouse after 5pm on weekdays. )

Description: WNCU 90.7 FM and The Measure of Everyday Life present “When Worlds Meet: The Social Science of Intergroup Encounters!”

Want a behind-the-scenes look at radio production? Ever wondered how your favorite podcasts are created? Curious how to make social science research engaging? Looking for something cool to do on a Thursday night?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please consider joining Duke Professors Sarah Gaither and Brian Southwell, host of The Measure of Everyday Life, as they preview an upcoming episode of the radio show. Sarah Gaither, a professor of neuroscience and psychology, will discuss her cutting edge work on interracial relations and perceptions of racial difference.

The event will also include the debut of a story on the refugee experience by Duke graduate, McCall Wells. The preview will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with Professor Gaither.

Come get FREE coffee and tea while it’s hot! We’ll see you there.

Want to post a flyer about the event? Here is a PDF copy to share and post. You can also share the event on Facebook.